Day Trip to Cirencester

I shirked my duties the other week and took a train up to the Cotswolds, where I stayed with my friend Amanda! Amanda lives in the super quaint region of England known as the Cotswolds. It was relaxing and hilarious and we ate so much avocado-on-toast (as per).

One day, we drove off to Cirencester, the capitol of the Cotswolds. It was such a colorful, fun day trip.


We spent the afternoon pretty much just roaming around, enjoying all the amazing architecture and summer flowers…
^^ I loved this flowery lane, named after my middle name 🙂  

While in Cirencester it’s necessary to explore Bathurst Estate and Cirencester Park.   We enjoyed roaming up the long path and through the forest…

^^Playing in this random teepee we found. Who made this?!  

This would definitely be my running route if I lived in Cirencester! Which, by the way, why wouldn’t you? It’s basically the calmer, cheaper, still posh and quaint equivalent of Bath (which we visited that same evening).

^^You could live here.  

Cirencester is also full of boutiques and family owned stores. Here are some of my favorite…

Oops a daisy! a cute and overflowing flower/garden shop



m.a.d.e. – a gallery for all your design/household/card needs


Octavia’s Bookshop – a children’s bookstore that’s oh so adorable, and has a teeny tiny adult section!    Surprises – an adorable gift shop

The Letterpress – my personal favorite, I bee lined to this place from the car park! All your letterpress/typography/stationary/knick knack needs in one place!  

But what is shopping worth if there’s not food involved?? Amanda took me to her favorite coffee shop, Keith’s, which is in an alley near the abbey. We each got cappuccinos and they even had gluten free lemon cake (my favorite!)

Keith’s also has a gourmet food shop in the entrance, as well as serving fresh, amazing food. We browsed until we got our appetites up…


^^ previously mentioned gluten free lemon cake, made of dreams

^Amanda, my host!

Cirencester has an abbey, free to enter and explore, and surrounded by a street of pastel colored shops…  

It was such a happy, calm, quaint city to explore! I loved how unique each shop was. I think if I ever get my own apartment I need to head to Cirencester to do my interior design shopping.

Have you ever been to Cirencester or the Cotswolds? What did you think?

Sarah xx

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