Cardiff, Wales

Last weekend I trained my way up to Cardiff, the capitol of Wales!

It was a funny kind of weekend trip – I’ve had a bad summer cold these past couple weeks and am not feeling my best. The Saturday it was blazing hot but the Sunday it poured down rain, more reflecting my mood recently.

Still, it was nice to finally get up to Wales – and I also got to reunite with my friend Jiaxin from high school. I hadn’t seen her in probably 4 years, but she made a stop in Cardiff on her whirlwind Eurotrip to see me!

On Saturday we explored Roath Park and Lake.

^^ An aesthetically pleasing “Mr Whippy”
  ^^View of the Lake

^^ All the people paddle boating around reminded me of Hyde Park in London.
^ There are also some great gardens in the grounds around the lake!  

^You have to pay to go inside the greenhouse (which we didn’t, the gardens in bloom were enough for us!) but apparently it’s a pokestop inside…good marketing if you ask me!

After finishing our ice creams and walking all around the lake, we drove over to Cardiff Bay. This is the quintessential, must-visit spot in Cardiff. It was so sunny that we just wandered around taking in the sights…

^I loved this colorful summery bunting!  ^^Pierhead building and the ferris wheel


^^Wales Millenium Centre…a giant theater!
  ^^Poseidon statue

Seeing as Cardiff is known for its night life more than anything else, we braved our colds for a night out to Peppermint and a visit to the famous chippy lane.

^ Welshie friends!

Sunday morning saw us a little bit worse for the wear, and the weather reflected that with a constant drizzle and heavy fog. After bringing in the soaking laundry, we took a trip to Castell Coch (Red Castle).


^^Jiaxin & I…photo cred to Bethan on Jiaxin’s camera!

Depressed a bit by the hanging fog, we shifted our minds toward the best thing about Sundays in the UK…Sunday Roast! Seeing as this was Jiaxin’s only Sunday in the UK it was ideal. We had our massive carvery lunch at the classic Toby’s Carvery. Not fancy, but authentic.

^^ necessary.


^^Bethan & I feasting…photo cred to Jiaxin!

Thanks to Bethan and Jiaxin for such a nice (lazy) weekend in Cardiff! I’m hoping I can get back to Cardiff again next year – maybe a hike to Pen y Fan?

Have you ever been to Cardiff or Wales? What do you recommend?

Sarah xx

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  1. This looks like such an awesome weekend. I’d love to live in Europe for a few years so I could go to all of these places for a weekend! Also, soft serve covered in rainbow sprinkles is probably the happiest ice cream ever!

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