British Winter Bucket List

on December 1, 2015

Happy December 1st, or as my English friends have been reminding me, “24 sleeps ’til Christmas!” The British love Christmas. And with no Thanksgiving to slow the train down, I found myself at Christmas related events all the way back in October!!

My American morals wouldn’t let me publish this post until after Thanksgiving (even though I may have written it a while ago….). So here is my British winter bucket list… Mostly holiday season themed so perhaps I will update it in January.

  1. Go to as many Christmas markets as I can
  2. Drink mulled wine
  3. Drink mulled cider
  4. Have a flat Christmas meal
  5. Visit Dublin
  6. Visit Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland
  7. See the Northern lights
  8. Turn in all of my essays early
  9. Go ice skating (indoors and outdoors!)
  10. Drink buck fizz
  11. Visit the Eden Project in Cornwall (to see the Reindeer!)
  12. Eat a mince pie
  13. Eat Christmas pudding
  14. Write some poetry
  15. Open Christmas Crackers
  16. Make Christmas cards and presents
  17. Watch the Plymouth Christmas lights turn on
  18. Go to a society Christmas meal
  19. Do something for charity
  20. Play music in a nursing home

I’m also happy to say this is my first post that I’ve published as a travel link-up! I’m excited to check out everyone else’s posts on the holiday season. Merry December everyone!

Sarah xx

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