August 2016 | Recap

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Where was I in August?
England and USA: Michigan (including Upper Peninsula!), Wisconsin, Florida   


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My favorite Instagram:

Took the Brit for walkies ☀️?

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August adventured like…

  • Ive got my first real break in a year! I was happy to finish up school in early August and jet off home to the USA from England (after finishing essays, moving house, and running the Totnes 10k!)
  • I’ve loved chilling at home, along with road tripping the UP (and Wisconsin!) with my parents, and spending time in Florida with my grandparents!


August tasted like…

  • Tomatoes!! I’m so happy to have won the August Eat This Poem haiku contest on the theme of tomatoes
  • I’m loving all this home cooked food!
  • Gobbled up a lot of gluten free food on my travels, favorites include Donckers in the UP (Marquette) and any of the places we went to in Wisconsin. 


August mantras…


I hope you’ve all seen off your summers in the best of ways! 

Sarah xx

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