Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech

on October 22, 2016

Most of what I knew of Marrakech was dust and orange and dirt and fast, rusty bikes and people yelling at me or pulling on my sleeve, trying to sell me meat, octopus, henna, rugs, lamps…

Very different from our venture, one day during our weeklong visit, into the new side of town. Very different from the peaceful, deep blue, clean, organized, lush Jardin Majorelle.  

^^little birdies at the fountain


This beautiful garden is swathed in foreign plants, ornate architecture, and most notably a deep, deep indigo paint.

It’s the kind of colorful excess I’d been expecting of Morocco before I’d arrived.

Jardin Majorelle, or Majorelle Garden, is the brain child of famous designer Yves Saint Laurent, and walking through its colorful paths you can tell it was created by a fashion guru.
  ^^My favorite window/wall.

Overall, the garden was smaller than I was expecting. But there certainly is a lot packed into this small, bright space!  At 70 dirhams (or 35 for foreign students) it’s a wee bit pricy, compared to most of our Marrakech activities (read: sitting for hours in cafes sipping sweet tea, exploring the souks, etc).   However, it’s a way to see that luxurious, colorful side of Marrakech that we’d been missing out on.


^^feelin’ fancy

There’s a little museum (read: one room building) dedicated to Yves Saint Laurent’s love designs – every year he sent out New Years cards to family/friends with a new take on the word “love.” I want to steal his idea…


^ looking for our birth years…  

It’s definitely a trek to get to the gardens if you stay in the city center (old town) like we did, and like I would recommend, but it was interesting to cross the border and see that Marrakech really isn’t so different from other world cities. Surrounding Jardin Majorelle you can find boutiques, restaurants, even McDonalds… it’s a more familiar face than the overwhelming souks and square.


^sleeping kitty in the garden. Classic Marrakech.

^ Dan & I 

So do I recommend a visit to Jardin Majorelle? At the time, it seemed pricy for its size, location, and compared to how cheap everything else in Marrakech is. But looking back, it’s one of my more distinct memories of the trip, maybe because it was so different… It’s also a classic sight to see, that Marrakech is known for. So yes, I do recommend it, especially if you’re in the city for more than a few days, and are looking for more things to do outside the city center!

Sarah xx

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