10 Things I Did For the First Time in 2016

on January 7, 2017

Everyone has been going on about how 2016 was the crappiest year ever. And I get it. But here’s the thing. A year is an arbitrary measurement of time. All it marks is that the planet was pretty much in this same spot in space 365 days ago. But the same is true of any day!! On October 25, it will be a year since the previous October 25, but who cares??? 2016, as a measurement, is not special. Things change because PEOPLE change, and people don’t change just because the calendar now has a “7” instead of a “6”. 

That’s why I’m copying fellow blogger Carolann with this post, 10 things I did for the first time in 2017. I love trying new things, and it’s a new way to look back on a pretty controversial year! So here’s a lil peek at our past 365 days….

  1. Taught my first yoga class in the UK. Does this make me an “international yoga teacher” now?

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2. Visited Africa for the first time. Only 3 continents to go…

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3. Worked with refugees. And found a new passion!

4. Worked in an emergency room. And survived an ungodly commute.

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5. Introduced my boyfriend to my Grandparents. Now that photo on their refrigerator is a real person!

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6. Watched all six seasons of Sex and the City.  No comment.

7. Dealt with a friend’s suicide. To be honest, this has been quite difficult and I’m still dealing, but I feel it will affect my awareness of the importance of mental health issues for the rest of my life.

8. Visited the UP for the first time… (The UP is Michigan’s upper peninsula for you non-Michiganders. I lived in Michigan for most of my life. Yup, that’s embarassing.)

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9. Took my first solo vacation. I (randomly) went to Norway, where I met up with and stayed with some Norwegian friends, but the actual traveling part was solo!

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10. Changed my blog name to Endless Distances. The rebranding process wasn’t too time-consuming and so far, totally worth it! I feel much happier with the blog and ready to really invest in it in 2017.

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So there you have 10 things I did for the first time ever in 2016. The good and the bad. And as a bonus, here are 5 things I’m hoping to do for the first time in 2017…

  1. Graduate from my Masters degree.
  2. Swim with manatees. #thedream
  3. Visit at least three new countries.
  4. Visit the UK Channel islands.
  5. Become proficient at ukulele.

Once again thanks to Carolann for the fun post idea. I sincerely hope all your 2016’s were full of new-ness, and your 2017’s will be as well. Here’s to continually growing and learning!

Let me know what you did for the first time in 2016, and what you’re hoping for 2017!

Sarah xx

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