Postcards from Portland

Portland is the kind of city that I can, and will, wear my bathrobe down two city blocks because I heard there was a free hot tub.


It’s the kind of city where nobody resents the sitcom that mocks it (Portlandia) but instead they treat it as a documentary (there really are birds on EVERYTHING).It’s the kind of city that has tarot card readers at the farmers market, where everything smells of coffee, where an independent bookstore takes up a whole city block.    It’s the kind of city that I can smash my phone in and a strange woman in a hat store can physically accost me by sneaking up on me and forcing hats on my head and I will still not resent everything.     It’s a city with acai bowls and juice cleanses and gluten free cupcakes and still you don’t feel like a pretentious ass because it’s PORTLAND. There will ALWAYS be someone more hipster than you. 

Sarah xx

P.S. Check out my new gluten free Portland Oregon guide!

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