May 2018 | Recap

May was quite the month and it went by way too fast. Michigan finally decided to forget the snow/blizzards/ice storms and it promptly turned to SUMMER! I’ve had a big month of travel (including my first travel conference and first press trip!) and even more travel plans coming up. Here’s what I got up to in May!

Where was I in May?

Canada (Quebec at the Women in Travel Summit, Toronto), Michigan (Lansing mostly)

Most popular Instagram in May…

*not shocked lol*

Favorite Instagram in May…


May adventured like…

  • I started the month out with a roadtrip to Quebec City for the Women in Travel Summit. This was an amazing conference where I learned so much that it will take months for me to put it all into action! You can read about how I scored a free ticket here.
  • We picked up our puppies!! I told you last month about Marshall, the puppy we adopted. Well, he was too young to take home, but in May he got fixed and I got to take him home. We also fell in love with his mom, Maggie, and… adopted her, too! My family used to have 3 dogs so we thought we could handle these two easy peasy… we were WRONG. Marshall is so not house trained, and Maggie is a little escape artist. She is also only about a year old (#teenmom) so is pretty much a puppy herself. They play-fight all the time and it can be overwhelming. Maybe I am sounding particularly overwhelmed at the moment because I am currently dog sitting them for my parents who are off traveling and taking care of them all by myself… Maggie also had a seizure yesterday and I had to take her to the emergency vet. She is okay, but basically… having one puppy, let alone two, is a learning experience! But luckily they are cute and we love them so much. They are really my parents’ puppies and I am mooching off them, but it is reminding me how much responsibility dogs are!!
  • I also went on a press trip in May but… it was in my home town of Lansing! It was a great experience (professionally, and also for travel). I got to pet a RHINO soooo… life made 😉 You can read about it here.

May in health…

  • Last month I started updating you on my health journey. I am going to write a BIG blog post about it, but please email/comment/DM me with specific requests. TODAY I have a poll in my instagram stories so please fill that out!
  • The best thing that happened to me health-wise this month was seeing a Dietitian. I have had so many doctors (GPs, gastroenterologists, allergists, and gynecologists) telling me what to eat for my stomach pain and issues. All these recommended diets are extremely complicated, often conflict each other, and I get absolutely no guidance. I got so overwhelmed by this in April I had a mini melt down, which lead to me demanding to see a Dietitian. Well, I got in to see a Dietitian in May and she was lovely. I just wish I had seen her months and months ago. I will share more details in my health journey blog post 🙂

May read like…

  • I managed to read 5 books in May, you can see which ones here

May mantras…


Thank you lovelies for reading along! In June I have some exciting things coming up… including another trip to Canada! I am thrilled to be heading to Stratford with my mom and my college roommate/bestie and her mom!! I will of course be sharing all about that + puppy photos + general life and health.

Let me know what you are looking forward to in June 🙂

Sarah xx

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