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on September 6, 2017

Sarah and Dan (!) here for a special edition blog post: the couple’s travel quiz!

If you travel with a partner, friend, or basically just often travel with one other person, I hope you’ll give our little quiz a shot.

It was the hottest day of our travels and Dan and I had just walked to the top of Gellert Hill overlooking Budapest… to find ourselves completely exhausted. So we found a spot of shade to laze in while we hydrated our way out of seeing mirages. Whilst in the shade, I got an email that the September travel linkup would be on the simple topic: “10 things.” Perhaps induced by the heat and mirages, we decided to play a little game based on the prompt.

Dan and I each came up with five questions for the other person, based on travel, and then switched question sets and answered as if we were the other person. And so… the couple’s travel quiz was born! I’m not sure what the other tourists thought as they passed us on this hill cackling to ourselves instead of actually looking at the Budapest skyline. Ah well! It was a fun way to survive the heat!

And without further ado…

The World’s Greatest Couple’s Travel Quiz

Round 1: Sarah

1.Where are you most likely to find Sarah in a new city she travels to?

Dan’s predicted answer for Sarah: You’d find Sarah in the gluten free aisle in a grocery store.

Sarah’s actual answer: I was going to say a gluten free restaurant really far away…classic… so his answer is really not too far off, and perhaps painting me in a better and more practical light than I deserve ?

2. What is Sarah’s traveling downfall?

Dan’s predicted answer for Sarah: She can’t eat anything!!

Sarah’s actual answer: Being gluten free would be my answer… sooo, yeah.

3. What is Sarah’s traveling personality?

Dan’s predicted answer for Sarah: Ugh this one is hard to think of the right term… I would say “bucketlister.”

Sarah’s actual answer: I was going to say the “director” but I guess I am a bit of a bucketlister as well… comes with the travel blog ya know!

4. Why does Sarah like to travel?

Dan’s predicted answer for Sarah: She loves seeing new cultures.

Sarah’s actual answer: This is a really hard one to answer and I’m tempted to just say I love traveling because I’m restless. But I do think I’m restless because I know now how many other cultures and people and places are out there and I want to experience them all.

5. What is most fun about traveling with Sarah? 🙂

Dan’s predicted answer for Sarah: Seeing her face light up about something interesting (or a gluten free cafe).

Sarah’s actual answer: Haha that is definitely a cheesy answer from Dan ? I thought he’d say something more like I find weird things to do and then force my traveling companions to walk really far to go do them…..

Round 2: Dan

cheesiest of all time

1. What is the place Dan least wants to travel to?

Sarah’s predicted answer for Dan: Pretty sure he would go everywhere… so I’ll cheat a bit and say Dan least wants to go anywhere he has already been! He wants to see everything!

Dan’s actual answer: Just like I’m not bothered about seeing a movie more than once (yes, even my favorites) I have no burning desire to revisit any of the previous countries I’ve been to (although some of my favorites are enticing), therefore probably places in Europe that I’ve already been to many times such as France.

2. What is Dan’s favorite part about a new country?

Sarah’s predicted answer for Dan: Definitely tasting all of the local traditional food.

Dan’s actual answer: I like to explore the culture of each new place and with that its normally the traditional cuisine, maybe just an excuse to eat more than I should?

3. What is Dan’s annoying habit at the dinner table while traveling?

Sarah’s predicted answer for Dan: BBC Sport!!!!

Dan’s actual answer: I knew Sarah would say BBC sport, yet the wifi at each cafe/restaurant always lures me to catch up with the sport of the day. She isn’t too good at not being on her phone mind you, always looking at her blog’s new comments!

4. What does Dan dislike about traveling?

Sarah’s predicted answer for Dan: He hates spending money.

Dan’s actual answer: I was between not being within an hour of family or the money so I guess Sarah is right, which also explains why I prefer traveling to countries which don’t have the Euro – more bang for your buck!

5. What is Dan’s travel superpower?

Sarah’s predicted answer for Dan: He puts up with me no matter what 🙂

Dan’s actual answer: Now she’s just sucking up to me after having to deal with a hangry Sarah during most of the trip. Being able to put up with a angry gluten free hungry traveller is some sort of power that I’m pleased to possess.

Want to join in? Here are the RULES!

  1. Grab your favorite travel buddy and hold ’em down long enough to get a blog post out!
  2. Copy and paste our quiz from above (but replace the bolded names with your own names)
  3. Each person chooses either set 1 or 2 of questions, and answers them with what they think the other person would say.
  4. Switch question sets and write your own answers, seeing how correct your partner was!
  5. Post your answers!

Consider yourself tagged! Feel free to change any questions and alter it for yourselves. Oh, and thanks again to the monthly travel linkup for the prompt “10 things” for inspiring us!!

Sarah xx

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