A Night in a Mountain Cabin in Norway

I may have made it clear already (see here, here, here, and here) but I had a great time in Norway. And it got even better after I arrived in Stavanger, and my friend whisked me off to her family’s mountain cabin for a night. How lucky am I to have spent a night in a mountain cabin in Norway?!

After driving a couple hours through the mountains to avoid an avalanche, we arrived at a little haven of mountain cabins in a valley. All the cabins were tucked into the hillside between green trees, and covered with roofs of thick grass!

Apparently, some people even have mountain goats that they will tie to the rooftop to “trim” the grass, instead of mowing it.


The views were incredible across the valley. In Norway, as you might imagine, cabins are more of a “winter thing,” as every good Norwegian loves skiing. As a Michigander, I’m used to cabins being a summer time, lakeside getaway, so it was interesting to see this northern version! Apparently when they go to the cabin during the winter, they have to park at the bottom of a hill and ski up to the cabin with all their luggage! There was still plenty  to do during a summertime visit, though…

Cue the champagne pop!


What better summertime activity than a summer feast? We’d picked up fresh prawns from the harbor in Stavanger, and after I received some prawn peeling lessons, our feast commenced – bread with prawns, hardboiled eggs, lettuce, mayonnaise, lemon, guacamole, and of course some strawberries to top up the champagne (what was left of it, that is)!

^ hey guys! ready for dinner??

Even with full bellies, the night was far from over though.   We opted to use the sauna instead of the jacuzzi, as the wood-fueled jacuzzis common in Norway take 6 hours to heat up!

All three of us (me, my friend, and her cousin) donned swimsuits and entered the cabin’s sauna…


We spent the night sweltering in the sauna and then running out onto the deck, breathing the cold mountain air and gazing up at the multitude of clear stars. We repeated this until we were happily exhausted and had sweat out probably all of the champagne…and then cuddled up in bed around 1am.

The morning saw us pry ourselves out of cozy bed and into the bright sunlight filling the valley. It was so warm that we all put our swimsuits back on and spent the morning sunning on the deck.

What an unreal experience to be sunning in a bikini whilst looking at snow across the valley… Only in Norway is all I have to say!!

And of course there were pancakes for breakfast!


It was such a relaxing, yummy, and really just Norwegian way to spend one of my last evenings in the country! I made sure to sign their cabin “visitor book” – thank you so much for having me.

A mountain cabin is an unreal way to spend a night in Norway. Even if you don’t know someone with a cabin, there are great and reasonably priced ways to rent cabins either on Airbnb or Homeaway. I recommend the Rogaland area, where I was, full of dipping mountains, blue rivers, and the beauty of Norway’s west coast! And if you can, get one with a grass roof 😉


This almost sums up my posts on my amazing and unexpected trip to Norway – stay tuned this week for my final post on how I saw and did so much in Norway on a teeny tiny budget – it’s possible!!

Sarah xx

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