My First Trip to Norway wasn’t What I Expected | Video

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Norway wasn’t what I was expecting.

Or was it just that I didn’t have many expectations?

I spent a night at a mountain cabin on the west coast, and was talking with a Norwegian guy who made an offhand comment – it’s better not to plan because then it’s impossible for things to not go according to plan.

A philosophy that took me through this past week in Norway with surprises at every turn.

Things that surprised me in Norway:

  • I got a sun burn
  •  I swam in the North Sea (and saw a jelly fish)
  • I spent a night in a mountain cabin running from sauna to clear cold starry night
  • There are grass roofs and people tie goats on them to keep them maintained
  • So many barbecues I thought I was back in the homeland
  • The ice cream and McDonalds are ??? gourmet luxury locally-sourced goodness …???
  • I drank red wine and watched the sun set over the North Sea at 11pm
  • The people are just as crazy and silly as anywhere else in the world

Things that didn’t surprise me:

  • I loved it.

So here’s to more spontaneous adventures.

Music: Calcifer | Yoste

Thank you to my hosts, Lene, Kristina & Marie.

Sarah xx

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