GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: Royal Caribbean Cruises

It’s not news by now, but eons ago in late May I took a four day Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas and southern Florida with some of my friends from college, right after our graduation. This week I’m hoping to give you a little series on the ins and outs of the trip…but hey, it’s me we’re talking about so how about we start off with food? Eating gluten free on a Royal Caribbean Cruise to be specific…

GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: Royal Caribbean Cruises


GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: Royal Caribbean Cruise
Sailing away from Port of Miami, our loading dock!

I’ve been on a couple cruises before (one to the Mediterranean and one to Alaska), but they were long before I had to start eating gluten free three years ago. I felt prepared to hop on the cruise ship, but I kept having nightmares of being stranded at sea with nothing to eat but lettuce. As someone who strives to live her life by the mantra NO CARB LEFT BEHIND, you can see why I was so concerned.

GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: Royal Caribbean Cruise

If you are here because you’re also taking a Royal Caribbean cruise and have gluten restrictions (and nightmares about lettuce) I am here to reassure you! My experience eating gluten free on Royal Caribbean was incredible, top notch, 10/10, full of carbs and 3am GF pizzaGLUTEN FREE GUIDE: Royal Caribbean Cruise

I called the cruise line ahead of time (just the general number, make sure you have your ship name and reservation number on hand) to inform them of my diet, but I called after they’d sent all the information to the ship already, so I guess it didn’t matter in the end. Whether you notify the ship ahead of time or not, Royal Caribbean cruises is fully equipped to help gluten free diners!GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: Royal Caribbean CruiseOur waiter was very helpful identifying all of the gluten free items on the menu, including ones that could be made gluten free by using gluten free pasta, etc. There were also gluten free pizzas in the general cafe, which made me a happy camper (sailor?). My waiter even showed me the dinner menu the night before so I could choose what I wanted ahead of time so the chefs could prepare it safely in advance.

GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: Royal Caribbean Cruise
This was weird and squishy and fun to poke #adulthood

My only qualm about gluten free dining on Royal Caribbean was the buffet breakfast. Obviously buffets are not as safe, regarding cross contamination, but this one was also so crowded that I never even attempted to ask staff about gluten free replacements (who knows, maybe I left some waffle carbs behind). This didn’t deter me much though, as there were fruit and eggs and coffee and bacon and I was pretty much set with that.

GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: Royal Caribbean Cruise
Our Royal Caribbean ship docked in Nassau, Bahamas

GLUTEN FREE GUIDE: Royal Caribbean CruiseI definitely recommend Royal Caribbean cruises to gluten free passengers – your diet will not be an issue at all on board the ship.


Happy Monday to everyone, and keep your eyes here this week as I write about other aspects of our trip… up next is Nassau!

Sarah xx

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  1. Hi Sarah

    I was on the same cruise and am also gluten free. It was my fourth cruise with Royal Caribbean and I have always enjoyed safe and delicious food with this cruise line. I always eat breakfast in the dining room, avoiding the buffet. Made to order and safe.

    Happy travels


    1. Hi Lynn! Thanks so much for leaving a comment! That’s a really good idea to eat in the dining room, I bet it was a lot more peaceful. Will have to do that if I’m on another Royal Caribbean cruise soon!

  2. I’m nervous about excursion days. Should we bring something from the ship (cold pizza, fruit and cheese…)?

  3. Hi Sarah
    I am headed on a cruise next year and was wondering what Gf options are like for kids.Is there gluten free waffles and pancakes and stuff like that for breakfast and is there child friendly food for lunch and dinner like pizza and burgers and maybe chicken nuggets and fries thanks

    1. When I went there were not gluten free waffles but there were some options in the buffet. There was gluten free pizza available in the evenings. But I would reach out to Royal Caribbean directly to confirm what the options are next year and on your specific boat/route. I don’t know the details myself. But after speaking to multiple celiacs and my own experience I do think that RC is the best celiac safe cruise option. There’s also one called Celiac Cruise that is mega gluten free friendly but it’s much more expensive.

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