Bovisand to Wembury

After a very wet January the  rain held back for an afternoon and I was able to do some exploring.

Chilly, windy, MUDDY exploring.

Just a 15 minute drive from Plymouth you can reach Bovisand in Devon. We parked the car and set off on the coastal footpath to Wembury.

The path weaves along beaches, through mud patches, wooded areas, and a few cute holiday camps/towns.


Only one person lost their boot to the mud…

At Wembury there is a big beach where people surf (yes. Surfing in January.). There’s also a cozy cafe open on the weekends that we hid out in, sipping hot tea and soup, for an hour or so.

We hiked up the hill to the church and even had a photo op.


Overall a wonderful way to spend a January Saturday!

Sarah xx

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