The Expat Christmas Cheer Attack Plan

on December 6, 2016

It’s December! Which means Christmas, right? So why did I feel more Christmassy in August than I do right now?!?

^^Maybe it’s because I was in Christmas, Michigan, the teeny upper peninsula town that celebrates the holiday all year round?? Mm yup that’s probs why.

Orrrr… It’s because A) unlike last year, I haven’t had time yet to visit any classic British Christmas markets. B) I’ve been ill. C) My long commute has prevented me from getting any Christmas shopping underway. D) My days are so full of placement and finishing things up here before I fly home that I honestly just haven’t given the holidays much thought! (E = all of the above!)

Last year I felt so Christmassy I offered up my British Winter Bucket List. This December I’m offering my holiday season attack plan… 

  • Visit the Totnes Christmas Market on the commute home
  • Go ice skating
  • Train for and run in a Christmas Eve 5k race
  • Make cards for family and friends (a nice train activity?)
  • Visit the Plymouth Christmas Market
  • Finish all my placement documentation and university/life errands!!!
  • Go out to goodbye dinners with UK friends before we split up for the holidays
  • Have a house Christmas Dinner
  • Christmas shopping!! Hopefully at the markets but also in the USA
  • Visit Winter Wonderland (on my last day in London before I fly home!)
  • Have a “traditional” British Chinese-food Christmas feast
  • Attend Christmas reunion party with friends from home
  • Meet my cousin’s new baby ASAP when I return home!!
  • Sign up for a Holiday special yoga class at my home studio
  • Make Christmas cookies with my mom
  • Attend Patricia Polacco Christmas open house
  • Watch my favorite Christmas movies in front of the crackling fire
  • Visit the Christmas tree display in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have dinner at Marie Katrib’s

Phew! I’m feeling more Christmassy already! Wish me luck – I’ll report back in a few weeks with the results of MISSION CHRISTMAS.

What do you do to gear up for whatever holiday you celebrate? If you’re an expat, do you find it hard to feel Christmassy without the home traditions? Id love to know!!

Sarah xx

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