My Autumn Travel Plans & Versatile Blogger Award!

on October 5, 2016

Okay, maybe more aptly titled My Autumn Travel \_(ツ)_/.


Here’s the sitch: I’m about to start a 10 week placement as part of my Masters degree. What’s that, you ask? WELL. Essentially, I will be working a full-time (unpaid) job + 4 hour/day public transport commute + working my two (count ’em) part time jobs + doing assignments when I get home + working on my research dissertation + being a human that interacts with other humans (and a blog ie the vast expanse of internet).

So the prospects of actual travel seem minimal.

There are pros to the situation, though. For one, I’m an expat. Which basically means that my everyday existence feels a bit like travel. I don’t have to do anything! I watch Netflix in bed whilst eating Sour Patch candy my dad mailed me and I feel like I’m traveling.

And to be completely honest, I’m kind of enjoying this “travel without traveling” feeling. It’s nice to settle down for a moment, especially in the Autumn, solidify new friendships and new routines and new opportunities and maybe finally learn some new recipes. I’m so settled down that I actually bought a blender. God, I sound like a bear getting ready for winter hibernation.


I do have some travel plans up my sleeve though. The thing is they truly are all very much \_(ツ)_/ ….but I’m okay with that. Here goes:

  • Seeing as I’m a bit stuck in the UK for the mo, I want to do some exploring here. The top of my list includes Mousehole and St. Ives (both in Cornwall), Dawlish and Bristol (my BFF just moved there also #Banksy). There’s also talk of a London trip to see my friend’s friend star in Rent, and you know I always got my eyes on dem Harry Potter tickets…
  • Said BFF and I have been talking about a weekend trip to Germany to see the authentic Christmas markets. I’m super excited about this – I’ve never been to Germany! The thing is, what with my placement and her just starting law school AKA the most intense thing ever, it’s all a bit up in the air. Will I get my weinerschnitzel or not?!?! Stay tuned!!!
  • I’m going home to Michigan for Christmas as per, but I fantasize about doing one of those layover stops in Iceland on the way back, or a layover in NYC to see my college friends. The problem with this is I have such limited time at home for the holidays to start with, I’m hesitant about cutting into it.
  • As always there’s the chance I will go all spontaneous-Sarah on Skyscanner like the Norway experience this past Spring… what with just discovering the existence of a £5 bus to the Bristol airport, I’m always looking for a cheap flight outta there.


But for now, I’ll be writing to you from the comfort of my bed, surrounded by all my Sour Patch friends.

The Versatile Blogger Award

Moving on to something more solidified, less\_(ツ)_/ and oh so super exciting… As y’all may have noticed, I’m trying to be a bit more outreachy with ye old blog, and it’s paying off! I’ve been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award!!! Thank you to Diana and Hope at MVMT Blog for the nomination. These two ladies travel the world despite being employed and in school!! You can check out their facebook, insta, twitter, and pinterest for more awesome content (they’re going to the Faroe islands soon so I’m so on that). It turns out that Hope is actually from Michigan too (small world much?!). As part of the award, I have to reveal 7 things about me to you: my Grandma (and other loyal readers).


7 Things About Me

  1. I was born near San Fransisco, CA, but have also lived in Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts, Exeter (England), and Plymouth (England). But if you ask me where I’m from I’m 100% a Michigan girl.

2. However I do not have a Michigan accent. Most Brits think I’m Canadian or are just v confused, most Americans (lately) are all like yo why do you ask questions so weird (thanks expat life). I took one of those accent quizzes by Harvard/NPR that’s supposed to be the be-all-end-all, and apparently I have an Alaskan accent? Why????

3. I’m a huge nerd.

4. I took the Pottermore patronus quiz and my patronus is a hummingbird – at first I was like, totes not me, but now I see it. I’m a bit small and crazy.

5. In college my best friends from home and I had a “traveling scarf” (a la sisterhood of the traveling pants) that we mailed to each other around the country/world.

6. I’ve run a half-marathon.

7. I believe in ghosts and feng shui.


Now, as part of the Versatile Blogger Award, I get to nominate 15 versatile, high-quality blogs (that I either regularly read or just discovered) to do the same! I’m also going to give you a wee write up on each blog, because I got a crap load of Sour Patch to go through still so #whynot (just kidding it’s because I’m nice and caring!!). You can read a bit more about the award here.

My Nominations:

  1. Julia at The Style Hive: maybe a bit of nepotism here as Julia is my college BFF, but also highly deserved! Julia’s been blogging for a few years and is actually the person who gave me the confidence to give it go. She writes about all things fashion, intertwining it with her love of travel, art, literature, and general witty quirkiness!

2. Carolann at Finding Ithaka: I discovered Carolann’s blog when she was co-host for a travel link-up a few months ago. She quickly became one of the top blogs I try to regularly read! I love her honest style, and the variety of travel to reading to lifestyle posts. I feel like I’ve found a kindred spirit in the blogosphere.

3. Katechka from Hungarian Shenanigans:  Katechka is an expat living in Hungary, and I love that she writes about political events alongside festivals, travel, expat life and more.

4. Rachel at A Nesting Nomad: I adore Rachel’s gentle writing style, and also the fact that she’s a fellow gluten free travel lover!  I have to support my GF ladies!

5. Danielle at Escaping EssexDanielle is a fellow UK travel blogger. I really enjoy reading about travel from someone who has a full time job and still manages it – you give me hope!

6. Anya from Unexpected Occurrence: Anya recently finished a jam-packed gap year, but is still writing about travel after her repatriation back to the US!

7. Lia and Jeremy from Practical Wanderlust: Lia and Jeremy are a couple taking an “extended” honeymoon – 7 months through South America! I love their philosophy to travel, and their love story.

8. Hannah at Universal Jetsetters: Hannah is quite the versatile blogger – writing about all things she loves, including travel! She’s also lived in 6 countries – the dream!

9. Neha at Happily Tanned: Neha is based out of India and writes about all things travel. I love that she has a post on why travellers should go to literature festivals!

10. Mandy at Say Yes to New Adventures:  Mandy is a fellow Scorpio 😉 and a great travel blogger! Originally from the Philippines she’s now based in London, but posts about her travels all over the world!

11. Caity at Where the Heart is: I’ve rediscovered Caity’s blog…but vague memories came rushing back about reading her story whilst in the great visa debaucle of ’15 – she gave me so much hope! I’m happy to hear she’s got her next visa in the UK, and I’m along for the ride!

12. Grace at Finding Graceland: I just discovered Grace’s blog about life, university, transition etc. It’s cheeky, short, and sweet and I love it.

13. Kate at The Feminist Flaneur: Kate’s another one of my college friends (former housemates!! #10B) turned blogger! Kate writes on eclectic topics, covering feminism, poetry, and lifestyle lists. Like so many of the blogs I love, she writings elegantly and honestly about real things that affect her.

14. Ashley at Adventure to Anywhere: I’ve fallen in love with Ashley’s writing – whether it be on travel, or really honest mental health posts, it makes me feel part of her experience. She seems very genuine and I’ve really enjoyed discovering her blog! She’s just returned to blogging and I hope she keeps at it 🙂

15. Erica at A Traveling Bond: Erica is a like-minded only child (represent!), she is not only a traveller, but she takes her toddler along as well! I love her independent spirit, as well as the gorgeous photos and design on her blog.


Thanks again so much to MVMT Blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. Happy blogging and traveling and Autumning y’all!!!

Sarah xx

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