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It’s March which means Women’s History month and International Women’s Day (Thursday March 8!) – AKA girl power month. It also means I have an announcement!

On Earth Day (April 22) I will be running 13.1 miles in an all-women half marathon, in support of my beloved Refugee Women’s Center. I have run races before (only one half marathon!) but I have NEVER done a fundraiser. Why am I doing my first one now? Well, I found the charity that deserves it.


Long-time readers will be familiar with Refugee Women’s Centre. In 2017 I received a grant which enabled me to move to France where I volunteered with RWC throughout the Autumn. It was an eye-opening experience, which ripped up my worldview and reconstructed it. In the realm of travel and travel blogging, this was a completely new kind of travel for me to observe. Travel where survival was the goal, and “travel” (ie forced feeling) itself was the demon. There were horrible, horrible days, and the most joyful moments, all in one. You can read my volunteering diary here.

RWC is the most deserving charity because they make a difference every day, to dozens of people. You can read more details about the WHY and HOW of RWC in my Go Fund Me description. Just know that this tiny grassroots charity is the DEFINITION of women supporting women, and even the smallest donation can make a HUGE impact for them.

Here are some reasons to donate:

  • You want to celebrate international women’s day!
  • You’re an intersectional feminist, boo yah
  • You believe in women helping women
  • You want to give back to the Kurdish community that has been endangered by their support of US troops
  • If you don’t help, who will?
  • Change starts with you
  • RWC is a small grassroots organization so 100% of your donations go to buying things for the refugees, NONE of it goes to CEO salaries or fringe costs
  • You can’t volunteer in person but you want to make a difference
  • You’re related to me
  • You want to give me something to think about while I’m running 13 miles
  • You’ve got some spare change
  • You gave up buying coffee for Lent so you’ve got an extra five bucks this week

Let’s truly show the solidarity of international travelers by aiding those women experiencing a much harsher kind of travel: forced evacuation due to violence or political reasons.

Happy International Women’s Day, friends. Just as I was humbled by the resilience of the women of Dunkirk, I would be humbled by your support. Even a dollar would bring a smile to my eyes (and a pair of socks to Dunkirk). If I can run 13 miles (which, I’m hoping, I can), then we can all make a difference!!

Sarah xxxxxxx


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All profits go directly to RWC!

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15 Responses

    1. Ohh thank you so much for dropping by Amanda! It is a very deserving charity, as I saw first hand, and I just want to spread to knowledge about it and continue to help even though I can’t be there in person. Good vibes received!

  1. So glad you are doing something like this. A friend of mine works with refugees in Athens. We have been supporting her cause for some time. She shares incredible stories of survival. Also, she has very deep stories about personal growth. Wish you the best in your endeavor. #WanderfulWednesday

    1. That is great work that your friend is doing – A lot of the women I worked with in Dunkirk had actually come via Athens, which as you probably know is often the first stop in Europe on the long journey of many refugees. Thanks so much for your kind words, and best of luck to your friend as well.

  2. I am impressed by anyone who can run a half marathon at all, even more for those who do it for a cause close to their heart. I’m sending you all my support on this!

  3. You are so awesome, Sarah!! Your blog should be called Endlessly Inspiring. Good luck with your fundraising goal and can’t wait to here how your half-marathon experience goes!

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