Half-Birthday Review: 25 Before 25

on April 25, 2018

You know what’s fun? When you schedule a blog post for your half birthday, and realize that your half birthday falls on the most perfect date of the year (anyone catching my Miss Congeliaty reference here?!).

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I’ve never paid much attention my half birthday, but I thought this year I would celebrate with a half-way review of my 25 before 25 goals. I originally wrote out my goals on my 24th birthday, so it made sense to review on my half birthday!

Without further ado…

1. Visit 25 countries

✓ Goal status: Achieved!

I was at 21 countries when I wrote out my goals, and managed to get to the remaining four during my nomadic months! I don’t think I’ll continue “counting countries” but it was fun for this one year! With a trip to Portugal scheduled this summer, I think I’ll even make it to 26 countries!

  1. USA, 2. Canada, 3. Australia, 4. England, 5. Wales, 6. Scotland, 7. Republic of Ireland, 8. France, 9. Germany, 10. the Netherlands, 11. Italy, 12. Spain, 13. Malta, 14. Monaco, 15. Greece, 16. Norway, 17. Iceland, 18. Slovenia, 19. Belgium, 20. Austria, 21. Morocco, 22. Czech Republic, 23. Denmark, 24. Hungary 25. the Bahamas

2. Learn to drive manual

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved

I feel significantly less desperate for this one now that I live in the US (where manual cars are pretty much nonexistent). It would still be a useful skill for Europe though!

3. Qualify as an occupational therapist in the USA

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved

But I’m working on it!

4. Reach 2,500 Instagram followers

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved

I’ve actually been taking a break from Instagram lately. It was starting to feel like a burden or a stressor rather than an inspiration. I haven’t yet felt the desire to return to Instagram, but I’m hoping I will soon.

5. Road trip to Florida with my mom

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved

I did fly down to Florida in February though which was a wonderful trip!

6. Visit my college friends in NYC

✓ Goal status: Achieved!

I spent a gluten free donut-fueled, brunch saturated weekend in NYC in January. It was so lovely to catch up with my college friends and felt like no time had passed.

7. Run another half marathon and raise money for the refugee women’s charity

✓ Goal status: Achieved!

I ran 13.1 miles just last Sunday in an all women race after four months of training – and I got a personal record time!! It was such a fun half marathon and I’m still sore!

8. Catch up on my scrapbooks

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved

9. Invest in my blog

✓ Goal status: Achieved! (Although this is continual)

When I originally wrote this post I was referring to monetary investment, but actually what has made the most difference was investing my time. I did buy a few courses, including:

Other than that, I’ve been investing time in Pinterest marketing, and spreadsheeting the hell out of this blog. It’s increased my page views drastically 🙂

10. Invest in learning Arabic

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved!

11. Sort out my stomach health

Goal status: In progress…

I’m learning that this one may not be a box to be ticked off. I have now seen a general physician, gastroenterologist, allergist, and OBGYN; had tests from colonoscopies to Sitz Marker tests to allergy tests; tried doctor-led diets such as low FODMAP and yeast free; and been on three separate medications, having an allergic reaction to one. But progress is progress and I’m hoping that six months from now I may have some more answers!

12. Become proficient at manual on DSLR cameras

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved

13. Read 25 books

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved

So far I’ve read 21 books in 2018 – pretty far ahead of this goal, so now I’m hoping to reach 52 books!

14. Publish more poetry

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved

15. Learn to cook with veggies

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved

16. Develop a meditation routine 

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved

17. Get regular facials/massages/pampering treatments

✓ Goal status: Achieved!

I’ve been getting facials and massages which is definitely a splurge I never did in England, but I’m loving it!

18. Purge my closet/belongings

✓ Goal status: Achieved!

I donated a TON of old clothes and books to Goodwill and have also been selling on Poshmark.

19. Go on a yoga retreat

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved

20. Do aerial yoga

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved

21. Change my hairstyle

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved

I’m planning a potential drastic haircut for this July. I’m thinking a short crop, and maybe balayage? I’ve had the same extremely long hairstyle since I was, like, 11 years old sooo I’m new to this!

22. Go camping

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved.

It’s frickin cold in Michigan, literally still snow on the ground in April. But hopefully this summer?!

23. Learn to make kombucha 

✗ Goal status: NOT achieved and… not going to be achieved.

Ahhhh so I was so excited for this one that I drank *so much* kombucha in January to test out my fave flavors (guava is da bomb!). However, sad news: during all my medical investigations for tummy troubles, my doctors discovered I have a severe allergy to brewer’s yeast. How random, right? Everyone says kombucha is sooo so so healthy and amazing for your gut biome, but apparently not for me! So, goodbye kombucha *sniff*.

24. Get all my high school best friends in one room

✓ Goal status: Achieved!

We spent a wonderful weekend locked in my family’s cottage in January, snowed in with frozen pipes lol. But it couldn’t have been sweeter, and was a wonderful way for me to reunite after living in England, and also sendoff Sydney who was moving to Australia.

25. Go on a press trip

✓ Goal status: In progress…

Okay, I haven’t actually gone on a press trip yet, but I have one coming up in May with a tourism board very close to my heart!! (And home).


Extra Halfway Goal:

So I decided now that the whole kombucha thing is thrown out the window, I would let myself choose one new goal to add at halfway! My new goal is…. to build up strength! Even though I can run long distances, what gives out first is my core/back. I need to get back to weight lifting and yoga exercises that strengthen muscles besides my legs. Now that I’m done with half marathon training I’m hoping I’ll have time for this!


So far I have achieved 7.5 out of 25 goals…. well, it looks like I have a ways to go!

Do you guys have any goals this year? I love hearing about goals!

Sarah xx

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