Best Wellness Travel Products for Better Travel This Holiday Season (+ Cloverdale Collective Giveaway!)

on November 17, 2018

Wellness travel… a buzzword that has been floating around the internet and travel sphere this year, but what does it really mean? As I’ve struggled balancing my chronic illness with travel this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about what wellness travel means to me. So often you see wellness travel portrayed as exotic travel to fancy spas, couples massages on the beach, and other luxurious experiences that aren’t necessarily accessible to people like you and me. For me, wellness travel is less about these extravagant experiences, and more about being kind to myself.

What do I mean by that? I mean giving yourself the time to rest during travel, to go back and sleep at the hotel, or to make a normally 3 day trip into a 5 day trip. I mean being conscious of the food you eat, trying to mix in fresh fruits and vegetables with the local delicacies. I mean choosing more nontoxic, organic, and ethically made products that you’re putting both in and on your body during travel.

With that in mind, I would like to share my favorite wellness travel products that have been invaluable to me over this last year of change. We are approaching a very busy time of year with the holidays – personally I will be traveling on three different Michigan press trips just in November with Dan (who is visiting from England, yay!). Then there is Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and flu season in between! I’m sure your own schedules are equally as hectic. These wellness travel products will hopefully help you cultivate a healthier and more mindful holiday season, whether they are for you or someone you love.

A big thank you to Cloverdale Collective organic travel beauty for sponsoring this post! In collaboration with Cloverdale Collective I am giving away one of their brand new Imortelly Glowing Facial Toners. Scroll to the bottom of this post for your chance to win!

Wellness travel is more than spas: It is taking care of your body, and the products you put in and on it. Here are our recommended wellness travel products. #wellness #travel #wellnesstravel #travelproducts #travelbeauty #cloverdaleorganics #cloverdalecollective #organicbeauty #encircled #ethicaltravelproducts

a savior for my skin on my recent travels!

Wellness travel products: Beauty

It is so important to be aware of the products we are putting on our skin: the biggest organ in our body! Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough regulations on the cosmetic industry worldwide, and especially in the USA. I use the Think Dirty app and Skin Deep by EWG to investigate the toxicity of products before I buy them. Here are some of my favorite wellness travel beauty products.

Cloverdale Collective

Cloverdale Collective is an organic beauty company founded by a female solopreneur who I am so proud to support! Cloverdale has really become my go-to for organic, nontoxic beauty products that are travel friendly. They have a focus on redesigning classic products to make them more accessible to travelers. Here are some of my favorite Cloverdale Collective products:

  • Imortelly Glowing Facial Toner: This toner is brand new, and I got the chance to test it out on my recent trip to Florida. OMG guys. It contains rose water and helichrysum florals, making it anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and moisturizing. Personally, I have oily skin that somehow gets both more oily and more dry during travel. A few spritzes of this facial toner in the airport after the flight refreshed me right up. I also used it on the beach and found it to be so refreshing and calming for my sensitive skin!
  • Refreshingly Clean Shower PowderAnother must-have during travel is this powder-based body wash. No exploding liquids in my bag, anymore! The kelp makes it detoxifying and the eucalyptus makes it tingly and refreshing. Obsessed with this stuff.
  • Triple Butter Moisturizing Lotion BarI basically don’t use perfume anymore because anytime I want a bit of a floral, feminine scent, I just apply this geranium-scented solid lotion to my wrists and the back of my neck. I also use it on my elbows and knees which get particularly dry. Because it’s solid it is great to fly with! No spilling 🙂
  • My other favorite Cloverdale products are the super soft lip balms (the only ones I use now!) and their exfoliating, eco-friendly hemp wash cloths.
Wellness travel is more than spas: It is taking care of your body, and the products you put in and on it. Here are our recommended wellness travel products. #wellness #travel #wellnesstravel #travelproducts #travelbeauty #cloverdaleorganics #cloverdalecollective #organicbeauty #encircled #ethicaltravelproducts

Also love the Cloverdale facial suds and facial serum. They are gentle and help me with taking off makeup after a long day.


Maelove is another female owned beauty company that I am happy to support. I also appreciate their massive effort and transparency to make their obsessively formulated products fairly priced!

  • The Sun Protector SPF 30: A Vitamin C & E fortified, vegan SPF – sun protection is so important when we travel! It is a zinc-oxide formula and the only sunscreen that does not upset my very sensitive skin. *Note: Unfortunately this is sold out right now but put your name on the waitlist!

Wellness travel products: Clothes

Look, I’m not telling you to rush out to the trash bin and dump all your clothes… I’m just saying we could all probably do a better job of purchasing ethically-made, environmentally-friendly, sweatshop free clothes. If you are trying to get away from fast fashion and invest in some ethically made, travel-friendly clothes, then I couldn’t recommend any brand more than…


Encircled is a rare certified B-Corps that focuses on creating versatile, travel friendly clothes. Their fabrics are eco-friendly, and made from tencel, modal, and bamboo, as well as low-impact dyes. Plus, they are SO CUTE.

Encircled is expensive but I do think they are worth the investment because the clothes are so versatile and last forever. PLUS this is the time to buy from Encircled, because they’ve got a massive sale coming up…on Black Friday and Cyber Monday there will be 20% off select Encircled products.

  • Dressy Sweatpants: I adore these pants because I can wear them to work, but they’re also appropriate for yoga, chilling, travel, dates, and more. I’m obsessed with flying in them, too, because they are comfy and have pockets big enough for a passport (and a secret zip pocket). I actually have an entire post declaring my love to them here.
  • Essential Long Sleeve TeeI also have this shirt and it is so comfy and versatile, too!
  • Plus many more on their website!

Wellness travel products: Health

Everyone’s health is unique, and as you all know I’ve had my own health related struggles this year. I think the most important parts of keeping healthy during travel are rest, routine, and nutrition. You can’t out-supplement a bad diet or an ill body, but supplements can give you a leg up on your own wellness travel journey. Here are some of my personal must-haves for my health during travel.

  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B00FFE3ESQ’ text=’Alora Pill and Vitamin Case’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sarahbence06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0e80418b-e83f-11e8-97bd-a500e0ba655a’]: This is the exact pill case that I use. It has a box for each day of the week plus one extra box, and a nice zipper compartment. It is the perfect size and I love it for keeping my pills and vitamins organized, especially for trips less than two weeks. Plus it’s nice and cheap 🙂
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B00CORKJD0′ text=’Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sarahbence06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6cf2dfc3-e83f-11e8-8717-455345c798a3′]: Travel is so stressful for our immune and digestive systems. Magnesium helps you relax, reduce tension, calm the digestive system, and reduce constipation. I couldn’t live my day-to-day life without magnesium citrate, much less travel without it. I love the Natural Calm brand because it is high quality – I have taken other magnesium citrate supplements before and my blood tests showed I was still deficient! Quality is everything with supplements, y’all.
  • High Quality Probiotics: Keep your gut flora balanced and the rest of your body (and mind!) will benefit. Travel is particularly stressful on our digestive systems, making probiotics extra important during travel. Once again a high quality probiotic is very important, to ensure the bacteria are still active. It’s good to rotate your probiotic brand to introduce different strains. My recommended brands for probiotics are [amazon_textlink asin=’B004GLCX2M’ text=’Metagenics’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sarahbence06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e8568d0f-e83f-11e8-a68d-c1acf3370dff’] and [amazon_textlink asin=’B00AUG7YQM’ text=’Garden of Life.’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sarahbence06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’fcd7b9e3-e83f-11e8-86e7-054b2fd95590′].
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B00BWIWX9K’ text=’Berkey Travel Filter Water Bottle’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sarahbence06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’bfd3db1b-e845-11e8-a1d6-397c932e02e8′]: This water bottle filters out 99% of contaminants, making even brackish water safe to drink! It has been a big game changer for keeping me hydrated on my travels – I now can refill from random outhouse bathrooms and more during travel. I love it so much I wrote an entire post about why you should get your own Berkey bottle here.

[amazon_link asins=’B00BWIWX9K,B00FFE3ESQ,B00CORKJD0,B004GLCX2M,B00AUG7YQM’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’sarahbence06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f751f154-e845-11e8-aa45-713a51929d21′]

Enter the Cloverdale Collective giveaway!

I am so happy to be able to give back to you guys during this hectic season with a Cloverdale Collective giveaway. One lucky winner will win Cloverdale Collective’s brand new Imortelly Glowing Facial Toner.

Enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below. For THREE extra entries, post any photo on Instagram using my new #wellandwidely hashtag, and Cloverdale’s hashtag #thecollectiveplantbasedlife – promoting wellness travel for all of us!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just a final note to say that I personally use each and every one of these wellness travel products. I have gone through my own process of trial and error with wellness products and these are the ones that came out on top! I would love to hear about your own favorite products, and your own interpretation of wellness travel. Happy traveling everyone!

Sarah xx

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Wellness travel is more than spas: It is taking care of your body, and the products you put in and on it. Here are our recommended wellness travel products. #wellness #travel #wellnesstravel #travelproducts #travelbeauty #cloverdaleorganics #cloverdalecollective #organicbeauty #encircled #ethicaltravelproducts

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