Wellbeing Habits Lately | 2

on June 20, 2018

It’s time for the second installment in my new series chronicling my latest wellbeing habits – what’s working, what’s not, and a sprinkling of products.

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It’s been a while since my first wellbeing habits post… and that’s because the last couple months have been hard in terms of health. As many of you know (if you’ve been following my insta stories) I’m struggling with a chronic gastrointestinal condition that has led me to countless specialists and invasive procedures. There have been times over the last months where it was hard to remain positive or feel like I will ever be “healthy” again. I actually have a *huge* post ALL about my health journey that is coming out next week. I am putting the finishing touches on it now so message me if you have any last minute health journey questions.

Anyway, I have still been trying to fit in some wellbeing routines in between medical procedures and general life stress. Without further ado, here are my wellbeing habits lately…

  • Nurturing houseplants

I have a veritable garden of succulents now… I made a lot of tiny succulent planters at the pottery studio, and planted + propagated a bunch of succulents in each of them. It is very relaxing and fulfilling to see these babies grow!

  • Drinking collagen

I have a spoonful in my coffee each morning. Totally tasteless and has had a noticeable impact on my soreness after workouts! This is not just an instagram gimmick, my friends. It’s also supposed to be good for hair, skin, nails, and even gut health. However the biggest change I’ve noticed is in my muscles/joints.

  • This is the more inexpensive collagen brand that I used for months
  • This is the slightly more expensive but higher quality collagen brand I recently switched to, which also carries more protein content!
  • Instagram abstinence

I didn’t go on Instagram for 30 days – this wasn’t planned or a challenge, I just didn’t feel like it and realised how much I needed a break. I cannot even say how much this affected my wellbeing. I’ve now returned to Instagram with a new outlook and have to say I’ve been enjoying it so much more now that I’m placing less pressure on myself!

  • Continuing the switch to nontoxic products

In my last wellbeing habits review, I mentioned my goal to switch to nontoxic beauty products. I’ve continued the gradual shift and want to share some products I’ve found! I’m keeping it gradual because this is an expensive endeavor. I’ve had a lot of products that were fails, so I’m only sharing the ones I’ve used and am going to buy second bottles of!

I still haven’t found nontoxic products that I like for a facial cleanser or concealer. If you have tips let me know!

  • Writing paper to do lists … and checking them off

I legit look forward to sitting down with my coffee and writing a to do list each morning. I’ve been using the Old English Co stationary that I mentioned in my post in April! I actually bought all the stationary I mentioned in that wish list, and it makes me SO happy!!


  • Budgeting with Mint

I downloaded the Mint app after a hunt for a budgeting app that was free. So far I really really really love Mint and totally recommend it! Keeping track of my money all in one place has significantly reduced the anxiety I felt looking at each separate bank account balance. Also just to note this isn’t sponsored or anything!

Those have been my top wellness habits lately. In the upcoming months, I’d like to focus on:

  • continuing my journey to gastrointestinal health
  • test out sleep hygiene
  • continue switching to nontoxic products
  • meditate regularly
  • get a massage for my TMJ pain/try to find a solution for this!

What have you guys been doing for your well-being lately? Any wellness habits you recommend I try? Any of the ones I did try sound good to you? I’d love to know!

Keep your eyes out for my massive health journey blog post coming out next week!!!

Sarah xx

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