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on February 25, 2018

So recently I came out to y’all about some of my health problems, and that I plan to bring increased wellness content to le blog! Yay! I’m really excited about this – I hope you are, too! A combo of wellness and travel content was actually my goal when I originally created this website, but well, as you can see travel took over. As I’m working on getting healthy and bringing some balance into my life, I’ll also be bringing some balance to this blog. Which brings me to…

My new series! I’ll be regularly sharing my latest wellbeing habits: The tried and true, and the especially new. Now, I’m not sure if I’m going to do this monthly, or every few months. We’ll see! Hopefully it can inspire and help you, and I’d love if you’d share your own tips as well. Would anyone want me to make this into a low-stress linkup? Let me know.

Without further ado…

here are my wellbeing habits lately.

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Making paper to do lists

There’s something about crossing off a real life paper to-do list that just makes my brain feel so much better than looking at my phone.

Peppermint tea, alllllll day long

It’s helping my stomach feel better, and keeping me warm past caffeine-appropriate hours. I love this tea from Trader Joe’s, which is organic and caffeine free… and most importantly, super yummy.

Reading more

My kindle paperwhite has completely transformed my reading habits. I’m also finding that reading more means less time mindlessly scrolling. I wrote a big post on how to read more on the go this month!

Taking supplements

I invested in some supplements which have made a huge difference for me – so much so that I will be writing a whole separate post on supplements, my thoughts, and why they can be especially important when you’re traveling. In the mean time, here are my recent faves:

  • Collagen: Good for hair, skin, and nails, but I’ve found its biggest benefit is reducing soreness after exercise. It’s had a HUGE impact for me.
  • Vitamin B12: Good for energy, especially for vegans and vegetarians because B12 is only present in animal products. I have a B12 deficiency which is why I take it (even tho I’m not veggie).
  • Vitamin D: Good for mood and energy. Most people are deficient, esp. in Northern Hemisphere.
  • Fish Oil: Good for brain, heart, and cholesterol health.
  • L-Lysine: Prevents skin breakouts among other benefits.

Note: I am not a Doctor. Everyone’s bodies are different so we each have unique combinations of vitamins and supplements we need. I’ll go into more detail in my travel supplements post 🙂


I’m definitely finding that throwing pots 2-3 times weekly is making me feel more grounded, calm, and accomplished. I may even do a giveaway of some of my bowls and mugs next month!! Who’s up for that?

Switching to clean beauty products

My doctor recommended to review my beauty products for “endocrine disruptors.” There are plenty of things that are “natural” that are bad for you, and plenty of things made in a lab that are good for you. However it looks like there has been a lot of research in recent years and now even doctors, like mine, are recognizing and recommending moving away from endocrine disruptors in beauty products.

If you want to switch to clean beauty products without getting stuck in the vortex of homeopathic malarkey on the internet, I recommend the app Think Dirty. It ranks beauty products on three categories: carcinogens, reproductive/endocrine disruptors, and allergens. All reviews are science-based and unbiased. For me, it’s the perfect combo of clean/natural beauty with real science.

My bathroom shelf before and after…

I’m still using a lot of the old products because I think it’s better for your skin (and also wallet) to do a gradual transition. I recently added in Marie Veronique Organics Oil Cleanser, my first experience with an oil cleanser. So far I love it, but I’ll update after using it for longer! And look at that 0 score!!! Damn girl!

What have you all been doing for your wellbeing lately? Send me your tips for March!

Sarah xx

Shop the products I mentioned…

  • Sarah, sorry you have having this health challenge, but you are absolutely right to acknowledte it and tackle it. Kudos! I am enjoying a warm cup of organic green tea while reading your post. Tea has just a tad of honey from my Uncle Bud’s farm. Multivitamin and fish oil supplements are a daily habit for me. Knock on wood… no health challenges yet for me… but I’m not a spring chicken any more. LOL!

    • Thanks Lane, that means a lot to me! That cup of tea sounds amazing. I’m drinking peppermint tea while writing this, lol!

  • Love the idea of this series, it’s great! 🙂
    I also wanted to recommend ginger as a supplement. You can buy it in pills or, like me, I have a 1/4 teaspoon of ginger powder dissolved in water each morning – great for stomachs!
    Oh, and… I just got a kindle! I won’t have it for a few weeks as my friend’s mum is bringing it from the US but I’m excited! Reading is just so so good for the soul!

    • Thanks Marcella!! Feel free to do your own – I’d love to read any of your wellness tips! I’ve been thinking about your comment for a couple days and I’m gonna try it tomorrow morning! I put ginger in my smoothies and love it when I get tea in restaurants. Do you think ground up fresh ginger would have the same effect?
      I’m so happy you got a kindle!!!!!! Your book intake is gonna skyrocket lol!!!

      • I am sure fresh ginger has the same effect! I just have powered as it’s easy to really quickly dissolve it in water at 6am, but fresh tastes way better. Good luck with it 🙂

  • Have you read the book “WomanCode”, by the way? There is a large part all about endocrine disruptors… generally has been an extreeemely enlightening book. Seems like it’d be up your alley. I’ve definitely been taking my vitamins this cold season, plus chlorella, a bit of elderberry syrup when I can remember, and drinking golden milk a few times a week. I would like to get into fish oil, perhaps… do you take it in a capsule or by the spoonful like the Icelanders? 🙂 Definitely up for pottery giveaway and more posts like these!

    • Yess I read it last month actually! I really enjoyed it, but I think I need to actually purchase a copy because it’s the kind of book you need to read multiple times to really understand, I think.
      I’ve been thinking of making some golden milk! Do you make your own mix or do you use a blend? And do you use nut milk with it or just hot water?
      I’ve taken fish oil for years, I do it by capsule (I use the brand I linked in the post). I really like this specific brand (and much prefer capsules to liquid) because I can NOT stand a fishy aftertaste!! Definitely recommend it.

  • I was never really a big tea drinker until recently! I’ve been so sick with a cold lately, and the only thing that really seems to help is tea with lemon and honey. I never knew that I could love warm drinks as much as I love that tea!

    • I know – tea is the most comforting thing especially in the winter or when I’m sick!! I much prefer herbal teas to any other kind.

  • Good luck with the health focus – so important! I’m glad your Kindle is part of this – i absolutely adore mine. Downloading that app now too!

    • Thanks so much Jessi!! Let me know how you get on with the app – I’ve had it for a while and really like it!

  • I would love a chance to win a Sarah original mug or bowl! I imagine throwing pottery is super relaxing. I hear people that get B12 shots… I wonder if that would help me cause I get so tired during the week lol.

    • Ooooh yay you may be in for it then!! I’m hoping to get some stuff out of the kiln this week and next, and then judging how heavy they are (shipping costs and everything lol) I’m going to choose one to give away!!
      I was getting B12 shots when I first got back to the US, but that was only because I was severely/dangerously deficient, so I don’t know if you can get them covered by insurance otherwise. Since then I’ve been taking the methyl B12 supplement I linked in this post and I really like it. I actually just got my test results back today and since taking the supplements my B12 levels have normalized! And I’m feeling more energetic 🙂 So I def recommend if you’re feeling extra tired to give it a shot!

  • I love these tips you’re sharing with us! Ugh I really should be taking supplements now too, but I don’t know how to travel with them, since the bottles are all so clunky, and I don’t know if supplements are still good if you just keep them in a zip lock bag. I would love to see some of the pottery you’ve been making!!! I think it’s really soothing to the mind to have another hobby other than writing. I need to remind myself to make more time for hobbies too!

    • Ahh yay I’m glad they’re helpful/interesting haha! Yeah I was really bad about traveling with supplements in Europe! Since December though I’ve taken my supplements on every trip (NYC and Florida) and I’m gradually figuring out how to make it work! I was going to write a supplements post this week, but I’m going to put it off til later in the month so I can gather even more helpful tips.
      I mainly use old pill bottles or those plastic travel-sized bottles you get to put shampoo in for travel, and fill them with supplements. Also weekly pill counters are great!! And I use empty spice jars for my powder supplements. Anyway – I’ll let you know when I finally write that post lol!

  • This is such a great idea for a round-up, and loving all of these ideas. There’s most definitely something about having something tangible and written down that’s so satisfying and reassuring, I totally agree with you! Oh, and I’d be SO up for a pottery giveaway, that sounds incredible 🙂

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