“Third,” Aesthetica Magazine, 2017

Tomatoes,” Eat This Poem Blog, 2016

“Deliberate Self Harm,” Grub St Review OnlineΒ andΒ Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2015

“Pilgrimage,” Grub St Review Online, 2015

“Tastings,” Madison Review, 2015

“Quartet,” Apeiron Review, 2014

“Elegy from October,” “How easy droughts are,” The Round, 2013

The Dunes Review, 2013

“July waxes,” “the dahlias on the breakfast table,” The Round, 2012

“On Driving through Michigan,” The Dunes Review, 2012


Finalist, Aesthetica Magazine Creative Writing Awards, 2017

Food Haiku Contest Winner, 2016

Academy of American Poetry Award, 2015



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  • Looking forward to reading you, Sarah! Maybe we could share a table of contents sometime in our postgrad adventures?