March 2017 | Recap

on April 1, 2017

March, with its blustery, rainy, and then suddenly sun-filled days has come to an end. For me, this month was all about finding balance. Between work, essays, and … actual life.

Little did I know but the southwest coastal path sneaks through the city of Plymouth!

Where was I in March?

The library.

Jk (not really)… also Plymouth, Exeter, and Spain!!! I haven’t posted anything on Spain yet as I’ve just arrived.

Most popular instagram in March…

Happy Sunday y'all 🌿🌼 #quietinthewild

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My favorite instagram in March…

March adventured like…

  • This month has been pretty chaotic on the Masters front… I took on an extra Neuroscience module, which little did I know back in January when I signed up, was alongside pretty much the most heavy term we’ve had so far in terms of essays and work.
  • That all translated to less blog posts this month… I scaled back from my two posts a week policy, and I’ve just been posting on Wednesday, to keep up with Wanderlust Wednesday, one of my favorite link ups.
  • I managed to do a couple day trips to Exeter including a walk along the quay (my favorite thing to do in Exeter), and some lovely walks in Plymouth discovering new pastel houses
  • My general lack of adventures led to some more retrospective blog posts, including an expat chat (read to hear a bit about my expat background!), my upcoming travel plans, and how to find the secret mews of London.
  • Also, I finally posted something I’d been writing for MONTHS: My thoughts/advice on why (and how) travelers should support refugees. This is a cause very close to my heart, and I was motivated to finally post because I just found out I’ve received a scholarship which will help me volunteer at a refugee camp this autumn!! I can’t wait to share more about that experience and some more serious thoughts here on the blog.

The surprise pastel houses of Plymouth

March tasted like…

  • I discovered Plymouth’s newest and coolest restaurant, Kuku, where I subsequently spent all my money, but had legit the best sushi I’ve EVER had in the UK.
  • Also made a trip to my favorite pizza place in Plymouth for some gluten free dough
  • Wagamamas, Indian takeaway, On the Waterfront in Exeter….. literally all I’ve done this month is eat?!
  • My Italian friend cooked carbonara one night for a small group of us which was incredible… I since tried to recreate the magic but clearly my genes are deficient in the Italian-cooking front.

Balancing life and work at Plymouth's Boston Tea Party

March mantras…

March mantras March mantras
March mantras March mantras

Here’s to April! For me, I’m hoping that April brings more balance, peace, and, of course, adventures! What about you?

Sarah xx


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  • Wow – how amazing to be volunteering in a refugee camp and how even more amazing to able to document the adventure to share with the world – everyone needs to know what refugees have to go through and learn tolerance from these types of experiences/blogs.

    • Yes I’m very excited to do so!! Part of the scholarship is sharing the experience on social media and the blog, so I’m really excited to write about it!

  • “In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you” I just love that and it’s so true. I am really excited for you, congratulations on the scholarship! I cannot wait to hear more about it and I do hope you post about your experiences and thoughts on your blog. Keep up with the retrospective posts, they’re my favorite.

    On a completely unrelated note, your hair is stunning. I just got a haircut for the first time in a long time, so I’m noticing hair more I think. I wish mine could get that long!

    • Thank you thank you!! I was so excited when I got the news 😀 Ahh that’s really good to hear – sometimes I wonder if anyone’s out there reading my little reflective pieces so it is SO good to hear that they’re your favorite.
      Hahahah thank you… it’s getting really annoying in the wind but I can’t muster up the courage to give it the chop. Every time I think about cutting it I also think about how long it would take to grow out again…. And I’m very lucky as it dries insanely fast so it doesn’t need much upkeep 🙂

  • Congrats on your scholarship! Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences there 🙂

  • looking forward to your spain posts:)

  • looks like you had a great month!

    The Fashion Matters– Travel & Fashion Blog

  • looks like you fit in some lovely adventures alongside the essays and hard work! Love that street of pastel houses in plym! and loved your refugee post too – so important!

    • Yes, I certainly tried, even if they were mini ones! Thank you so much for reading along this month, we should meet up next time you are in Plym!!

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