January 2018 | Recap

on January 31, 2018

Just when I thought I was getting away with a mild winter in Michigan, I woke up to a full-on blizzard and 8 inches of snow!! I hope you guys are enjoying whatever wintery weather you’re having. ANYWAY. Welcome to the first monthly recap of 2018!

In 2017, I met my goal of doing a recap every month (you can see them all here), and I’m pretty proud of that! I want to keep it going for 2018 – but in an effort not to get bored, and also because things are changing around this part of the internetI’ve introduced a couple new headings. Just read on to see what’s new!

Where was I in January?

Michigan, New York City

Most popular Instagram in January…

January adventured like…

  • January was my first full month back living in the USA. Of course, I still miss England and my traveling lifestyle, but in all honesty I was ready to stop the longterm traveling – thanks to some health issues that were getting too big to ignore (read more on that here).
  • With all my new Doctors visits and diagnoses, I have been very focused on my health. Which brings me to my announcement that I will be writing a lot more wellness content in 2018… consider it my new niche!! Please let me know any specific topics you want to see, or any questions you have for me.
  • New things in 2018 were: weightlifting and pottery! Hopefully I’ll get better at both in February, lol.
  • Of course, I have to mention that I did spend a week in NYC!!! I haven’t written much about it on le blog because, well, is there anything about the Big Apple that isn’t already on the internet?! But I had a great time – ate lots of gluten free food, got to see my college friends and some family I hadn’t seen in years, saw Walk the Moon (who we went to college with, so it was quite cool to see them on a massive stage in NYC!!), and generally had an amazing time.

January read like…

  • Omg I got a Kindle and Goodreads and my reading life is transformed!!! You can check out my Goodreads here – friend me!
  • I also joined one of my favorite bloggers, Carolann’sBeyond Bloggers facebook group and I’m hoping this inspires me to continue on this reading spree I am currently on (If you want a kick in the butt to read in 2018 – join that facebook group)!
  • So this month I read Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land, The Girls by Emma Cline, The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.  As well as some medical books which I won’t go into details on (yet)!
  • I’m in a thriller stage at the moment, so my favorite was definitely Dark Places by Gillian Flynn although I enjoyed both of her books – surprising myself as I (unpopular opinion) did not like Gone Girl! The most disappointing of the books I read was The Shadow of the Wind – I think I had too-high expectations, and I found the translation to be very clunky and I figured out the ending early on which is always a bit disappointing!

January tasted like…

probably not low FODMAP ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

January blogged like…

  • I slowed down (only a bit) on the blog-writing front and focused on more back-end things, which was smart because the Endless Distances pageviews almost doubled this month!! I am very happy about that 🙂
  • However I did write three big posts this month: The Best Hostel for a Stopover in Iceland (also the coolest… I slept in a space pod!!), My 10 SUPER PRACTICAL Tips for New Expats (honestly a long time coming, and written for my friend Sydney who is imminently moving to Australia!), and Travel Made Me Sick (where I detail some of my health issues and why I am going to be writing more about wellness around here).
  • I have been getting a lot of blog-inspiration this month from Lee from America (a holistic/wellness blog), Gluten Free Cuppa Tea (who I have long-time loved, but now even moreso as Becky also follows a low-FODMAP diet as well as GF), and the #AHeartFullOfDistances Instagram challenge I ran with Annabelle.

January purchased like…

  • This is a new heading (along with the previous heading) that I want to do! In the past I’ve saved up all my money to spend on travel, but in a way I think that was one of the contributors to my ill health. I would skimp on everything in order to save money for travel, at the cost of things like health supplements or gym memberships or even little treats like new clothes. So one of my goals for 2018 is actually to spend more money (lol I’m probably alone in this).
  • I haven’t really followed through on this goal much so far, so I think this heading will be more interesting in the following months! But I think my best purchase of January was definitely my pottery class – which was definitely an investment but so worth it so far! I look forward to pottery every week – it’s something I really missed in England as I couldn’t find a good or affordable studio in Plymouth.


January mantras…

There we go y’all! First monthly recap of 2018 done and dusted! I’m going to be a bit more flexible with the categories in my monthly recaps this year so as to keep me (and you guys!) interested – but I’m excited to talk more about behind-the-scenes blogging and my favorite purchases. I would also love to know what you guys bought this month (that furthers your wellbeing).

I have lots of blog post plans in the works for February – but no travel!! Which is very strange for me, as you guys know. Although I dooooo have one sneaky little trip that I may be booking for late Feb, so stay tuned on that.

What are your plans for February?

Sarah xx

  • I was on the road almost every week in February last year, and I have zero travel scheduled this year. (I was in Michigan twice, actually, lol) I’m not sad about it right now. I’m sure I will be though. I’ve lost two kindles, but I remember how excited I was (and how much reading I did!!) when I got mine… you’ve almost convinced me to try another one. I just feel guilty for losing them. (I tend to put them in seatback pockets on planes… and well… yeah. )

    • Ooh where in MI were you?
      Also it is now my mission to get you to try Kindle again!! I’m so obsessed with mine… and this is after years of thinking they were a waste of money. I think the new paperwhite kindle is amazing and so much better than the older versions. I am going to write a “reading on the go” post this month so maybe that will convince you… 🙂

  • No travel booked in yet, but I would love to sneak away before the end of the month. Mmmm that doughnut looks divine! Will add you on Goodreads – I always love more recommendations 🙂

  • Aw sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, but glad you’re now focusing on wellness, I look forward to reading more on that! Also, I love Goodreads! Just added you 🙂

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