I’m Going to Prague! Help!

on January 25, 2017

Happy Wednesday, friends! I’m happy to announce that I will be heading to PRAGUE shortly! So expect lots of castle/snow/(hopefully) gluten free beer photos soon. I’m so excited to expand my experience of Europe – I’ve been to a lot of the Western European countries (UK, France, Italy, Spain) quite a few times, and never even been to Eastern Europe once!

photo from www.bootsnall.com

photo from www.bootsnall.com

Dan and I decided to get these tickets as belated Christmas presents for each other this year. We joked about doing something like this as presents last year, amidst the stress of birthday/Christmas buying. Both of us have late fall/winter birthdays, and both of us get really stressed about present-buying, so by the time we reach Christmas, I just can’t cope with finding another gift.

Earlier this year we were complaining about this to each other, and I reminded him of our little joke last year – “If we were to go somewhere as a present for each other, where would we go?” I mused. Immediately, and in unison, we both asked, “Prague?”

photo from www.hotel-yasmin.cz

photo from www.hotel-yasmin.cz

The only issue is that we’ve both been so busy with work and deadlines, I haven’t had much of a chance to look into things to do! I know there’s a castle, and Charles Bridge, and I found this gluten free restaurant (amidst a country full of sausages, bread, and beer, there is hope lol).

So… have you ever been to Prague? What were your favorite things? What should we do??? Help a girl out!

Sarah xx

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  • You will love it! I wrote this post about it: http://www.thesunnysideofthis.com/10-best-things-to-do-prague-in-a-day/ We went last summer, hope it helps! xx

    • Thanks for the link, I checked it out – I’d never heard of the Jubilee Synagogue before, it’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it! I’ve pinned your post 🙂 As I can’t bear to travel without a designated pinterest board haha

  • Jen Isaac

    The Jewish Museum, Old Jewish Cemetery, Wallenstein Garden, and the John Lennon wall (can’t miss it) were definitely my favourites!

    • We definitely will have to go to the Jewish quarter, I’ve been hearing really good things about it! And hadn’t heard of the Wallenstein Garden before!

  • We go to Prague quite often! Its one of our favorite cities! Here are both of my posts filled with stuff to see and do! #WanderfulWednesday

    • Thanks for the posts, I’ll check them out and pin them (pinterest is my traveling hero I don’t know how I’d keep track of anything otherwise)

  • LOVE Prague. I just did my usual city style trip and wandered around soaking it all in, I went in Autumn and it was just beautiful! The old town is so pretty with cobbled streets and the like and one of my favourites was the castle as the view is beautiful, oh and walking along the river too 🙂

    • Yeah – that’s exactly how we like to travel, too, at least how we did in Marrakech! Good to know it’s a good wander-friendly city 🙂

  • I still haven’t been to Prague! My parents went a couple years ago and they LOVED it. It seems like a wonderful city to wander, with a few cafes/pit stops in mind, with little to no agenda! I hope you have a great time and I look forward to seeing your photos!

    • That’s really good to hear because we have very minimal agenda-making-skills hahah. I’ll report back!!

  • I’ve been there on a school trip 10 years ago (what??!!) and the only things that really stuck with me were the bridge obviously, the castle and the old Nazi working camp in Terezin. Does that help? 😉

    • BEST SCHOOL TRIP EVER?!? We went to, like, the movie theater to see “Planet Earth 3D” or, like…no that was pretty much it. I’ll definitely check out the Nazi working camp/Jewish quarter as I’ve been hearing really interesting things about it!

  • hi! so exciting! I lived in Prague for a year so I am full of tips…probably too many haha 😉 Jewish Quarter, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Strahov Monastery & Library, Wallenstein Palace Gardens, Vysehrad, Old Town…just wander! Unfortunately I don’t know much about the gluten-free side of the city, but Cafe Savoy, Cafe Louvre, La Bottega di Finestra might have gluten-free options.
    Here’s my best post on the topic, and feel free to email if you need more ideas 🙂 you’ll love it!! http://www.amyandthegreatworld.com/2015/06/prague-bucket-list/
    If you have extra time: http://www.amyandthegreatworld.com/2016/02/five-day-trips-prague/

    • Oh my gosh you are a fountain of Prague info! Thanks for all the tips – I would love to see a monastery!! Are all of these pretty close to the center/easy to happen upon if we just wander? I’m always stuck between my love for aimless wandering but also not wanting to miss out on all the best sights!!
      I will check out your posts and pin them as I cannot travel without pinterest 😉

  • I LOVE Prague!! Last year I went twice!! I stayed in the Lesser Quarter this last time (new town the first time), and I really LOVED it. It’s truly magical to roam those streets after dark. Meat and Greet is tasty for burgers – and I feel like they had some gluten free options!! Do a night tour that includes that castle. It’s incredible at night. If you can get a guide to explore the Jewish Quarter, that would be great. The synagogues are staggeringly beautiful.

    • Oooh yeah we looked at a place in the Lesser Quarter! I don’t think we actually booked that one, though, (LOL I am so not on top of things) but hopefully we will still have lots of time to check (czech?!) it out (soz for the puns).

  • Yes, do the castle, the bridge and a walk around the Old Town. There are companies offering free tours of the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter. I did one and it was tons of fun. If you have time, stop by Vysegrad, the other castle in Prague. The views are great and the crowds way less than in the center of town. #wanderfulwednesday

  • I’m so excited for you and I hope you have a great time! Here are a few of my posts on the topic: Top Ten – http://blog.youreverydaytraveler.com/2015/12/10-things-to-do-in-prague.html; Hotel Angelo – http://blog.youreverydaytraveler.com/2016/04/hotel-angelo-prague-czech-republic.html; and a post about our actual exploration of the city – http://blog.youreverydaytraveler.com/2016/04/exploring-prague-in-snow.html. Can’t wait to read about your travels and see what you decided to do in Prague! 🙂

  • Prague is an amazing Christmas gift! Great idea. I can’t give you any travel tips, but I can’t wait for your pictures. Bon Voyage!

    • I’m so glad we did Prague instead of buying stuff we would never end up using! Lots of photos to come 🙂

  • Catalin Cincu


    Prague is a wonderful city, with lots of options for both either a attractions lover or a foodie.

    Our restaurants recomandations – http://calatoriisifarfurii.ro/unde-sa-mananci-in-praga-6-restaurante-de-incercat/

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    Enjoy Prague!

    PS: I’ve loved your “9 secrets of Marrakech” article. Really good!

  • Young And Undecided

    Ooh I’ve never been to Prague before but I would love to! Can’t wait to read all about your trip! Enjoy xx

    • I’ll be writing up lots of posts on it over February!! You should definitely pay it a visit, it’s so CHEAP!

  • You’re going to LOVE Prague! It’s such a magical city!! I went back to Prague back before I had a blog and I was there for New Year’s with Christmas Markets and such(quite a different touring experience), so I’m having a bit of a hard time remembering exactly what we did. I do remember the bridge obviously and the big ol’ clock, but I think my favorite part about Prague was just wandering around the beautiful streets and seeing what I could find. There are so many hidden gems just waiting to be found! Can’t wait to read about your experience 😀

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