Gluten Free in Norway (On a Budget!)

on June 16, 2016

I was really nervous about eating gluten free in Norway, especially on a budget. I’d heard horror stories of tourists spending the equivalent of £60-£80 per meal in the notoriously pricy Norwegian restaurants. And it’s true… Norway is very expensive. But it’s possible to eat gluten free in Norway, within a budget! Here’s an overview of what I did… But I will say, Norway is very knowledgeable when it comes to allergies, and most cafés and stores offer gluten free options without much searching!

1. Grill 

One of my favorite things we did in Oslo was grill in the park! We picked up some burgers, potato salad, gluten free buns, chips, and strawberries from the grocery store, and got a disposable grill for a very cheap 20NOK. On a sunny summer day in Oslo it smells like smoky yumminess as everyone heads to the local park after work for a grill!

2. Grocery shops and salad bars  

A cheap and easy lunch can be found at any grocery store, especially in the salad bar section! Every grocery store has gluten free options but Meny, Rema 1000, and Joker have the most.

3. Kasbah in Oslo

One of the few restaurants we went to was Kasbah, a meze (small dish) style Middle Eastern restaurant in a central Hipster neighborhood of Oslo. They have GF bread and list allergens. It was very cheap and VERY  yummy!

Open mon-fri 11-1am

Kingos gate 1B, Oslo

4. Sjokolade… 😉  

Okay, not sure if this really counts but you have to try Freia Sjokolade (chocolate) when in Norway…the country’s most famous chocolate that my Norwegian friends literally had shipped to them when they lived in the UK! And luckily Sjokolade is naturally gluten free 😉

5. McDonald’s and Burger King!

I think I hit the jackpot with this one! After Italy, Norway is only the second country I’ve been to that has gluten free McDonald’s! I took advantage of this rare opportunity and happily munched away on some GF McD’s on my cross country train journey. It was very tasty and much better than I remember USA McDonald’s to be (they use local Norwegian beef). At 90NOK for a meal this is about £8… Very cheap for Norway but not so much for McDonalds in the rest of the world!

6. Coffeeberry in  Stavanger

On to Stavanger… This cozy independent coffee shop in Stavanger city centre has gluten free options including blueberry muffins!

Open mon-fri 7-7 / sat 9-6 / sun 11-6

Klubbgata 3, Stavanger

There you have it! Don’t stress if you are traveling to Norway and need to eat gluten free – there are plenty of options, all you have to do is say “glutenfri”! And if you’re keeping within a budget, the best option is to peruse the grocery store and stay somewhere with a kitchen.

Have you ever been to Norway? I welcome any restaurant recommendations!!

Good luck and happy eating!

Sarah xx

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