Gluten Free Budapest: Hungry in Hungary

on December 6, 2017

I came to Hungary hungry (pardon the pun, friends) and I was in for a treat exploring the gluten free Budapest scene! Dan and I spent four days in Budapest in August (a one night layover between Belgium and Austria, and then a proper weekend a few days later). It wasn’t nearly long enough to fully explore the gluten free Budapest scene, or experience every single thermal bath all the things we wanted to see. I usually shy away from writing up gluten free city guides if I don’t feel like I truly know a city. However, I’m going to give gluten free Budapest a shot because Dan’s good friend and her mom (who are both gluten intolerant) visited Budapest a few weeks before us, and I got to pick their brains as well!

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So, this is by no means a “complete” guide, but I think I’ve got all the staples: the 100% gluten free Budapest restaurants, the restaurants with reliable gluten free options, the restaurants that were recommended to us but we didn’t make it to, the posts I read before our trip, and as always, a gluten free Budapest map (scroll to the bottom!).

100% Gluten Free Budapest Restaurants…

Drop: This is the only sit-down,  100% gluten free Budapest restaurant, and we ate dinner here on our first night. It has a laid back, cool vibe with al fresco seating and lots of indoor space as well. I was surprised how full it was – it seemed popular as a restaurant in itself, rather than just as a gluten free destination, which is always promising. That’s probably due to the extensive menu, which had me drooling at the descriptions of gluten free burgers with crispy bacon and Texan barbecue sauce, milkshakes topped with mint leaves and citrus, apple roasted pork, and more. Although the menu is teeming with gluten free options to make any celiac’s eyes water, Dan was disappointed to find a lack of traditional Hungarian dishes. Drop had just run out of the weinerschnitzel special (and it was quite early in the evening still, which was too bad) so he ordered the goulash soup, which ended up being the best goulash soup of everywhere we tried in Budapest.  And my Texan barbecue burger was pretty amazing, even if it didn’t have me feeling very culturally assimilated ;P


GluteNo: This little cafe is also 100% gluten free… it’s a bit out of the way but in a nice residential area. It’s truly the definition of a hole in the wall… a tiny place with only a bar to sit at but the most smiley and wonderful woman working behind the counter. Gluteno does hot paninis on the spot, including traditional Hungarian ones with spicy meat. There are also brownies, cookies and a yummy New York style cheesecake! You can draw on the wall, which exhibits past doodles of fellow grateful gluten free travelers.

Budapest Restaurants with Gluten Free Options…

0.75 Bistro : This restaurant is literally in the center right of Budapest by the bridges and cathedral… it’s definitely the best location of the restaurants in this post by far. I’m usually found traipsing across the cities I travel to, ending up in some godforsaken neighborhood (read: Prague), but we actually happened upon 0.75 Bistro whilst feeling lazy in the center of town. 0.75 Bistro labels gluten free food, and has lots of options including Dan’s roasted duck risotto, and my crispy goats cheese and beet salad (which was amazing and I had been craving goats cheese for days!). They also serve gluten free beer which was produced in Hungary!

Great Market Hall: The Great Market Hall is a Budapest institution which is on most travelers’ itineraries, as it should be. If you find yourself here around lunch time, don’t fret because there are definitely gluten free options! Upstairs is where all the prepared food stands are, and you can find salads at multiple places. There is also traditional goulash soup which is gluten free (this is at the first stall along the right wall). I was happy just to find a traditional, gluten free meal, but I have to be honest and say that it wasn’t exactly…tasty. The goulash was quite oily and watered down compared to the goulash we tried the night before at Drop. Don’t go out of your way to eat at the Great Market Hall, but if you are already there and don’t want to fuss with a sit down meal, you at least won’t go hungry.

Gluten free goulash soup at the great market hall in Budapest: If you're finding yourself hungry in Hungary, read this ultimate guide to gluten free Budapest! Including 100% gluten free Budapest restaurants and more.

Chili Bar: We ate here earlier in our trip (on our weird one night stay in Budapest). We were staying in an Airbnb in a further removed neighborhood, and Chili Bar was a lucky find as we arrived by plane from Belgium at 10pm, and were hopping on a train to Vienna early the next morning! Chili Bar offers gluten free buns for burgers and hot dogs, but they’re not your normal burgers and hotdogs. The whole restaurant is super trendy and has tons of options for toppings. They also have gluten free gourmet salads and nachos. If you decide to venture out of the city centre to Chili Bar, I would call ahead of time and make sure they have the buns in stock as they can run out.

Gluten Free Budapest Restaurants for Next Time…

Due to having just a few days in Budapest, our stomachs could only handle so much and I left with lots of gluten free restaurants still to try. One of Dan’s good friends was actually in Budapest a few weeks before us, and she and her mom are both gluten intolerant, so they gave us some great recommendations (including 0.75 Bistro!) which I will include below…

Zeller Bistro: This bistro focuses on local and sustainable food sources, and has both the upscale atmosphere and price tag to match. There is freshly baked gluten free bread, desserts, and lots of entree options.

Mazel Tov: There are lots of yummy and naturally gluten free options at this Israeli fusion kitchen in the Budapest Jewish quarter. Dan’s friend even tried gluten free goulash!

Corso: Just a block from the riverfront, and offering a somewhat upscale brunch and bakery experience, Corso is pretty high on my list for my next visit. Their reviews rave about the gluten free cakes!

Corso: If you're finding yourself hungry in Hungary, read this ultimate guide to gluten free Budapest! Including 100% gluten free Budapest restaurants and more.

PastaBox: In the mood for a quick takeout meal? PastaBox is a takeaway restaurant where you can select the toppings and choose your noodle, including gluten free!

Pastabox: If you're finding yourself hungry in Hungary, read this ultimate guide to gluten free Budapest! Including 100% gluten free Budapest restaurants and more.

Slow Foodiez: A trendy restaurant which combines gluten free options with vegetarian, raw, and vegan, Slow Foodiez is the place to go for health food in Budapest. Their brunch options looked particularly yummy!

Slow Foodiez menu: If you're finding yourself hungry in Hungary, read this ultimate guide to gluten free Budapest! Including 100% gluten free Budapest restaurants and more.


Posts I Read Before Our Trip…

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Gluten Free Budapest Map…


Hopefully this helps out at least one fellow gluten free traveler! Although we didn’t get to test out every single restaurant that was recommended to us, we didn’t go hungry during our weekend in Budapest.

Sarah xx

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If you're finding yourself hungry in Hungary, read this ultimate guide to gluten free Budapest! Including 100% gluten free Budapest restaurants and more.

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  • Oohhh this is great! I visited Budapest when I was newly diagnosed and was a) clueless and b) a stingy student. This was maybe 8 years ago? I really struggled to find safe food – and being new to the game I basically winged it. Would not recommend. I’m so glad to see there are so many options now, and seeing as I fell absolutely in love with the city when we visited I am convinced I need a return trip! Thank you for your diligent research 🙂

    • Yeah it was a lot more difficult to find food than I expected from a major European city! But as you can see I still definitely didn’t go hungry lol. I’m always happy to do research of the gluten free variety ;P

  • Ha, love the pun! Have you even been to Hungary if you haven’t used that pun?! 😉 It looks like you got to eat lots of delicious foods, yay to that! 😀

  • I’m wondering if that pasta box restaurant is any good. I got burned by a place like that in Venice that is highly ranked on trip advisor. I’m still grumpy about it, lol. I love the idea of it though… I just want it to be tasty! My favorite restaurant in Budapest is Pest Buda on the Buda side… I feel like they had GF options, but I might be making that up. 😉

  • Isobel Lee

    Sounds promising! Always helpful when a city is ready for visitors and locals with dietary requirements.

  • A Woman Afoot

    I am so happy to see there is more and more places for tourists like us to eat! When I was in Budapest a while ago I found by chance a cafe that had some gluten-free cakes along regular ones, can’t remember its name, though, I think it was close to the Great Synagogue.
    Happy (gluten-free) travels!

  • “gluten free traveler” what a lovely idea!! I’ve been hoping to see more useful posts like this one. I like it.

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