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June 2018 | Recap

on July 4, 2018

It is hard to believe that June is done and dusted. In many ways lately I have felt like time is slipping through my fingers… I can’t believe I have been back in the USA for 7 months already. I still feel like I just moved here. But reality is that it’s been 7 months and it’s now time for me to start thinking ahead, planning my future, and working on my career goals. Before that happens, though, I have some travel coming up! (I mean obviously, this is me after all). Continue reading

My Health Journey So Far: All the Gory Details

on June 27, 2018

Today’s post is the most personal I have ever shared on this blog. For months I have mentioned bits of my health struggles, but never told the whole story. Why? First, it’s frightening to share such personal details. Second, this is very much a fight I am currently in – I am not “healed” and I am not here to tell you how to cure yourself. I can only share what I have been through up to this point, what has worked, and what I will never do again. Continue reading

Taxes for Expats: How to Survive, Thrive & Not Get Hunted Down by the IRS!

on June 6, 2018

I am very lucky (in a lot of ways) but here is a big one: When I was an expat in England, I didn’t have to do UK taxes because I was a student on a Tier 4 Visa. HoweverI did have to do my US taxes. Even though I wasn’t living in the US! Many people from the US don’t know that when you live abroad, you actually still have to file US taxes on your worldwide income. That’s a pretty important wakeup call because you do not want the IRS hunting you down, my friends! Think how complicated doing taxes for expats is: You have income in multiple countries, bank accounts in multiple countries, multiple jobs (hello blogger life), and more. Taxes for expats is no mean feat.

Continue reading

May 2018 | Recap

on June 4, 2018

May was quite the month and it went by way too fast. Michigan finally decided to forget the snow/blizzards/ice storms and it promptly turned to SUMMER! I’ve had a big month of travel (including my first travel conference and first press trip!) and even more travel plans coming up. Here’s what I got up to in May!

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Transitioning to Real Life with Old English Co | Competition

on April 4, 2018

Rain is streaking the kitchen windows and I’m surrounded by the rumbling of an early April thunderstorm. I’m writing this as I eat a salad pieced together from leftovers – a late dinner because I went for my training run after work. The dog snores at my feet. Various to-do lists lay crumpled on the counter. These moments are mundane, normal, domestic, and…sweet.

I now live a life with a job, to-do lists, a kitchen table, a dog to walk, and a car to pay for (as of last week!). But these moments also feel bizarre, when I think back on where I’ve been. Four months ago I was driving out into the wilderness of Iceland with a guy I’d just met that morning. And before that there were the refugee camps, my graduation, countless flights and cross-country buses. Life was wild and anything but normal. When I moved back to the United States and gave up my expat and nomadic traveler titles, I thought I’d be giving up my freedom. I wasn’t thinking about what I would gain: A home base, a routine, a schedule, an income, and more. Continue reading

March Coffee Date & SPECIAL Giveaway!

on March 28, 2018

It’s been a while since we talked. I mean, really talked. So this month, let’s have a coffee date (and a giveaway, because, why not).

I mixed up my monthly recap last month, and thought I’d try a new style again for March, in the style of Carolann’s monthly coffee dates. As a treat for you all, I also have a giveaway at the bottom of this post! I’m giving away a piece of handmade (by me!) pottery, as well as 10 free subscriptions to the popular GPS My City app. Just scroll to the bottom to see the details. Otherwise, sit down and have a coffee with me 🙂 Continue reading