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The Best Pizza Chain in Southwest England

on February 18, 2017

…And it’s gluten free!

But seriously, it’s high time that I pay tribute to southwest England’s greatest masterpiece (forget Agatha Christie, Tom Daley, JK Rowling, Sherlock Holmes etc.) – it’s The Stable!  As you all know by now, my favorite part of traveling is undoubtedly eating. And my favorite part about eating is pizza. Although I recently decided to move away from listicle type posts and give you all some more heartfelt and *deep* words….sometimes I just need to write about PIZZA! (And you’ll soon see that, to me, The Stable means a bit more than just pizza). Continue reading

Gluten Free Prague

on February 4, 2017

In the city where beer is cheaper than water, what is a gluten free girl to do?

Long story short, I ate well in Prague, but it wasn’t without effort. Unlike other cities I’ve visited (such as Marrakech), you can’t just pop into any restaurant and rely on the menu’s naturally gluten free options. They don’t exist!  The traditional Czech dishes revolve around beer, dumplings, and meat that’s either fried or swimming in an ale-infused, flour-thickened sauce. You’ll be hard pressed finding a salad in Prague.

So if you’re gluten free and going to Prague, you’ll need a plan and I’m here to help! Below I’ll tell you the best gluten free options for traditional Czech food, non-Czech food, cafés and bakeries, and miscellaneous advice/what NOT to do. Continue reading

How to Eat Gluten Free in Morocco

on November 29, 2016

I’m wrapping up my posts on our trip to Morocco with some of my top tips and experience of eating gluten free in Morocco – it’s not only doable, but I found it enjoyable, largely stress-free, and I never got ill – all things that surprised me! Continue reading

How to Travel Gluten Free

on September 3, 2016

This month’s travel link up theme is food!! Which if you’ve been reading my blog for any period of time, you probably notice I incorporate into most posts….. 1) because I love to eat and 2) because I’m gluten free and that really influences my travel experience! Continue reading

Gluten Free in Norway (On a Budget!)

on June 16, 2016

I was really nervous about eating gluten free in Norway, especially on a budget. I’d heard horror stories of tourists spending the equivalent of £60-£80 per meal in the notoriously pricy Norwegian restaurants. And it’s true… Norway is very expensive. But it’s possible to eat gluten free in Norway, within a budget! Here’s an overview of what I did… But I will say, Norway is very knowledgeable when it comes to allergies, and most cafés and stores offer gluten free options without much searching! Continue reading